Let us build the skates of your daydreams! Just follow the 5 steps below:

1. Pick your plates.

  • Options in nylon, aluminium, and magnesium.
  • Ready to shred? We've got grind trucks.
  • Skating on a shoestring budget? Check out the Sneekrskate plates!

2. Pick your wheels (and don't forget a set of bearings!)

  • We have a range of wheels for outdoor, skatepark, derby, and jam skating.
  • We have both stainless steel and ceramic bearings, from multiple trustworthy brands.


3. Add insoles and custom assembly.

  • MQ insoles are made of aluminum
  • We charge $250hkd assembly
  • Some sturdy shoes, like Doc Martins, dont require a strengthening insole


    4. Accessorize and check out!

    • Or grab yourself an MQ t-shirt or bag! 


    5. Send us your shoes.

    • If you are using the Sneekrskate set up, send us shoes in your normal size.
    • If your set up requires you to use a strengthening insole, send us shoes that are 1 size EU larger than what you wear normally.
    • You can have your shoes sent to our shop in HK!
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