Weekly Skates with MQ


MQ Mondays

Mondays - Victoria Park Skating Rink [8pm-10pm]

Every Monday Madame Quad hosts free adult skating sessions welcoming skaters of all levels! If you're a complete beginner putting skates on for the first time or a derby vet looking to roll around in the off-season, MQ skaters are here to help.

For those who don't own a pair of skates or forgot them at home, MQ has skate and gear rentals available. Just let us know your sizes before hand and we'll bring the gear to you. Our sizes and rental options are limited, so do try to give us as much notice as possible!

For more info or to request rental gear, feel free to contact us through facebook, instagram, or the contact form below. 



MQ Thursdays on Lamma Island

Thursday - Yung Shue Wan Basketball Court [8pm-10pm]

Thursday nights we meet up to skate on Lamma Island. Same deal as Monday, but with that chilled island vibe.



Skatepark with C.I.B. HK

Link up with MQ and the HK chapter of Chicks In Bowls (IG @cibhongkong). Our crew hits the skatepark multiple times a week. We'll hold your hand and help you off the coping!

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