Co-founders Snooky "Karl Luna" Wong, and Milanie "Pain Goodall" Bekker are both passionate skaters. Snooky has been skating with Hong Kong Roller Derby since 2014, and Milanie joined them in 2017. Both women can be spotted at various skate parks around Hong Kong, and on weekends they tend to roam the streets on their mix-matched clementine and pineapple Moxi skates. Monday and Tuesday nights are dedicated to roller skating lessons and roller derby practice for both.  

The idea for Madame Quad started in November 2017, when Snooky and Milanie started talking about creating a space to promote roller skating in Hong Kong. Before Madame Quad (MQ) opened, the only way skaters in the broader Asian regions could access roller skating gear was to buy it from the US or the UK. Thus, MQ was born! MQ aims to stock items that are tested and trusted by skaters, to give you the best experience possible. 

Snooky and Milanie