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Covid Shipping FAQ

Q: Do you ship door to door locally here in HK?

A: As of March 8th, 2022, and until further notice, there is no shipping to residential buildings in HK. We can only offer local shipping to SF Express Service Points and Lockers. Find the closest to you below:

Skating in HK


Q: Where can I skate in Hong Kong?

A: Check out our map, were we've plotted our favorite spots to roller skate in HK!


Q: What classes do you offer?

A: Visit our class page for prices and info!


Q: Can I rent skates on my own, outside of MQ events?

A: Yes! Check out our rental page for details.


Q: Can I rent many skates for a party?

A: For sure!  Contact us to connect.


Q: Can I join a skate night if I have no skating experience?

A: Yes, of course! We host a free skate meet up on Mondays, 8-10pm, at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. It's the perfect way to try out skating, and we have rental gear! Find all the information here.



Orders and Shipping


Q: I would like to order a product that's out of stock or unavailable. Can I?

A: Currently, not through our website. You may contact us with requests however! We are working on setting up pre-order options for our website.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do. Shipping rates are calculated by weight at check out. We ship SF Express from Hong Kong, which takes 2-4 days on our side of the border.  


Q: Can I return an international order?

A: You can return most orders for exchange or store credit only, within 30 days of purchase. You must cover the cost of return shipping, and the shipping of any exchange item. So.. short answer yes, but you probably don't really want to. See all the details of our return policy here.

Q: How much do custom skates cost, and how long do they take?

A: Custom skates range from hk$1,500 and up. For custom skates, you need plates, insoles, wheels, bearings, and your own shoe (suede is a great material for skates). We also charge a $250hkd assembly fee. Check out the new sneekrskate plates, which have all the parts you need in one product!



Quad Questions


Q: What skates do you sell for beginners?

A: We have many options for beginner level skaters, starting from hk$680. Some beginners prefer the cheapest option to get started, while others are ready to commit and decide to invest in a skate that will last them years. Impala, Chaya, Playlife are among brands we carry with excellent entry level choices.


Q: How do I find my skate size?

A: Every brand (and in the case of brands like Chaya, every model) has their own sizing guide. It is not sufficient to choose a shoe size US/EU/UK that you are used to wearing. MEASURE YOUR FOOT IN CM to find the most accurate sizing. 

SOME SKATERS PREFER a snug fit, while some prefer to size up for comfort. Chaya, for example, sizes their boots very snugly, and each model has a different size chart to follow. 


Q: What sizes do you offer?

A: In store, we carry sizes 31-46 European. Not every skate comes in all sizes. 


Q: Inlines vs quads vs ice skates?

A: Fundamentals of balance and footwork do cross over from one discipline to the other, but at the same time, it does feel different skating on quads. The COOLEST thing about riding quads is the variety of skating we get up to, including: roller derby, aggressive skating, skatepark, jam (dance) skating, and street skating. There's a renaissance happening around the world on roller skates!


Q: I want to skate outdoors, what should I buy?

A: It's all about the wheels! The lower the durometer/hardness, the softer the wheel, the smoother the ride. 78a, 80a, 85a are all good for outdoors. 90a-103a durometer not recommended for street skating.





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