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Roller Party People

We can make that happen!

Your brother just got engaged, your birthday is coming up, and you just paid off that last student loan! Madame Quad needs no excuse to help you celebrate! Whether you want to throw a rooftop disco or skate along the boardwalk with your party, we are happy to lend our wheels.  


Team Building Exercise '99

At your super cool company or function

You're not like other businesses, you're a cool business. Madame Quad can help show off just how cool by hosting a skate class at your next company function! Reach out to us about what your team's specific needs are and we'll make it happen! 


An Anniversary to Remembroll

Show her your love rolls 

Your relationship has survived falls before, what's a couple more? (Knee pads available.) We can attest to the joy of skating by the harbor with your bb (or your buddy or even a bulldog for that matter).  


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