Bearing Wash

Bearing Wash


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Keep your bearings clean with this environmentally friendly and powerful Bearing Wash! Not only does it smell like citrus goodness it also removes grease and rust! Super safe to use and unlike other bearing wash, it does NOT leave a huge film during the drying process.

Set your timer and leave the bearings in for NO LONGER than 10 minutes. 

Dispose Bearing Wash down sinkholes only and never in your mouthhole!  

One bottle should provide 3-4 bearing cleans and the bottle is RECYCLABLE!

If you need another reason to get your hands on a bottle of Better Bearings Bearing Wash, you will find not only do you get an awesome product with every purchase, you will also be providing one day of support to a subsistence farmer by giving them vegetable seeds.  Making an impact by supplying a family with food and resources to sell at local markets for a living, so their children can attend school instead of spending their days working or searching for food.