Better Lube-20ml / .67oz


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Better Lube it up, skater peeps! Protect your bearings against corrosion and coat the internal surfaces to ensure a smoother roll.

Designed by Better Bearings and manufactured in Australia, Better Lube minimizes friction and prevents wear to your bearings, races and balls making them spin faster and longer lasting. 

Suitable for steel, ceramic and carbon bearings. A little goes a long way, only need ONE drop of this Better Lube per bearing. 

Bigger than other lubes out there by 5ml /.17oz 

Comes with a childproof cap, safe from spillage and fiddly children fingers 

If you need another reason to get your hands on a bottle of Better Lube, you will find not only do you get an awesome product with every purchase, you will also be providing one day of support to a subsistence farmer by giving them vegetable seeds.  Making an impact by supplying a family with food and resources to sell at local markets for a living, so their children can attend school instead of spending their days working or searching for food.